Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Samoan Art History Questions

 Samoan Art History- QuestionsFlag of Samoa - Wikipedia

Please read the article on Samoa here before answering the questions.

Tyler Veau: Storyteller

1) This week we are learning about art from...

a) Samoa b) Tonga

c) Fiji d) Niue

2) What is Tatau?

a)  Weaving b) Tattooing

c)  Painting d) Carving

3) What is needed for Tatau?

a) Flax b) Paint and Paper

c) ‘Au and Ink c) Wood

4) What can be represented in a Tatau?

a) Family b) The person’s background

c) Culture d) Values

5) What is another name for a pattern or symbol?

a) An illustration b) a picture

c) A motif d) an idea

How Tatau came to Samoa

6) What is the name of Tatau for women?

a) Pe’a b) Malu

7) Where do you find this type of Tatau on the body?

Thigh up to your knee

8) In which ocean will you find Samoa?

a) Atlantic Ocean b) Southern Ocean

c) Pacific Ocean d) Tasman Sea

9) According to Samoan storytelling, where did the twins, Tilafaigā and Taemā, learn about the art of Tatau?

→ fiji

10) According to the story, why was it only men who got tattooed in Samoa for many years?

→ the  twins got seasick on the way back to savai'i. They forgot the song and mixed up the song and that's why men got tattoos food years.