Thursday, 27 September 2018


Dear Roots We been learning lots of stuff from you’s we've been learning the Environment and our water i no that a Beer carrier can live for 405 year’s in the sea we now that water is life and life is water you’s told as how to clean our water and 72% of water in as you torch as how to build a plant holder and all the things you taught us like how rubbish survives in water but Thank you for everything. From Madison.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Cross Conuntry

with our year group’s we watch. The little kid’s sprint around the teacher's through the gate’s then in the Squishy mud. When it was the year 4 girl i looked at the crowd the crowd was calling kid’s name’s. Then the Clapper Clap! all the kid’s sprinted so fast i past two kids i stated to get slower and slower then i made it to the gate when i was exhausted i past all the teachers
Then last of girl’s past me then i finely sore the finishing line my family saw me they cheered
for me then i past the finishing line.